About Us

In May 2014, I aired on the Season 5 Finale of ABC’s “Shark Tank” with my first product, BZbox, a collapsible storage box. The night my episode aired, I experienced a massive influx of web traffic, media coverage, and sales explosion. It was mad chaos, and I relished every second of it.

The feeling was euphoric, but on the flip side, I was inundated with messages from people trying to get a piece of me for their own selfish purposes. That experience of both the extreme highs and lows of my “fifteen minutes of fame” sparked my idea to co-found startups with celebrities.

In the two years post Shark Tank, I learned absolutely everything there was to know about product development, supply chain, and marketing to help me bring my idea for this company to life. 

In early 2016, I started to partner with celebrities, build product lines for their fans, and harness the power of their influence, especially on social media, to sell. We plug right into the back end handling everything from prototyping and manufacturing, to branding and retail so our celebrities can stay focused on their craft.

We have three main goals here at Kaeyos, Inc: 100% authenticity, 100% ownership and paying it forward.

Every single brand we build has a charitable component to it in the form of donating money, time and/or resources to organizations that resonate with our celebrities. Our celebrity partnerships aren’t fake endorsements to make a quick buck. We are here to build long term relationships and create a company together to deliver product we know consumers will love even after our celebs retire.